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The only timepiece in the world certified for space flight!

Only watch for space flight!

NASA and Omega Moon Watch History

The Omega Moon Watch is the only timepiece in the world certified for space flight by NASA. The process the watch underwent to achieve this certification was an enduring one, that would ultimately lead to the iconic status it carries today. As the first time piece to ever be taken into space, The Omega Speedmaster Professional made history on Wally Schirra’s wrist aboard Mercury-Atlas 8 (Sigma 7) on October 3rd, 1962.

The Omega Moon Watch

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NASA chose the Omega Speedmaster Professional from a pool of 4 other brands, which included, Bulova, Longines, Rolex Breitling, and Huer. NASA had not devised particular parameters for the time piece they would eventually use in space, nor did they request any manufacturer to submit prototypes. With a limited time table, they decided to buy standard chronograph retail models from the five brands and conduct rigorous tests to analyze their resistance to various stress factors.

The Omega Moon Watch pieces

The five-time pieces were exposed to extreme tests to scrutinize their resistance to temperature, vacuum, shock, vibration, humidity, corrosion, noise, and pressure. The Test was concluded in 1965, after which only three watches were still running. The Omega Speedmaster was the only one that did not suffer the serious deterioration that afflicted the other 2.

The Omega Moon Time piece is the only time-keeping instrument to have ever been worn on the moon. To account for zero gravity conditions, OMEGA modified the movement to an entirely mechanic functionality. They feared the automatic movement might be compromised in zero gravity circumstances, as the pendulum in the movement would not be able to move without gravity exerted upon it. Besides, the crystal was also altered to a Hessalite material to withstand extreme pressure.

The Omega Moon Watch and the Space

The original Speed Master first taken into space was never accounted for. After its return to earth, it was lost under unknown circumstances. Today, all NASA time-keeping instruments taken into space by astronauts are NASA property and must be returned to NASA once the space mission has concluded. Omega Speedmaster Moon watches are standard use for all Russian space agency missions, as well as all NASA missions.

Recently, Omega released a limited edition anniversary series, which contains the same movement used in the original Gemini 3 space missions. The special edition comes with a tool kit that contains an extensive variety of maintenance tools, as well as a very fashionable design. By NASA standards or fashion standards, the Omega Moon Speed Master Professional is an incredible time piece to own!

The Omega Moon Watch Bag

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