Interesting Astronomy Facts

Random Amazing Astronomy Facts!

Here is a collection of amazing, interesting, and strange astronomy facts, that you may or may not know!

  • At this time, we can only detect about 5% of the matter in the universe. The rest is made up ‘dark matter’.
  • The universe is filled with galaxies and the most distant ones are moving away from Earth at speeds excelling that of 90 percent of the speed of light!
  • Contrary to popular belief, space isn’t completely empty. We often hear about the vacuum of space, but in reality there are a few atoms of matter in each cubic meter of space.
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  • Our Sun’s core releases the equivalent of approximately 100 billion nuclear bombs every single second.
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  • Galileo Galilei is often incorrectly credited with the invention of the telescope. Historians now think the Dutch eyeglass maker Johannes Lippershey was the inventor.
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  • Black holes are incredibly dense, and produce intense gravitational forces, that even light is unable to escape. There are certain cases, however, where a form of radation — Hawking radiation — is able to ‘escape’
  • When supermassive black holes collide, gravitational waves are released. These were recently first discovered.
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  • The Crab Nebula was produced by a supernova explosion that appeared in our skies in the year 1054 A.D. Astronomers at the time noted that the explosion was so bright that it was visible during daytime, and it lit up the night sky for months!
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    Article Source: ThoughtCo